Core Values

Faith Mennonite High School recognizes the scriptural responsibility of Christian parents to faithfully instruct their children in the precepts of the Word of God.  This organization desires to assist the Christian home and church in their fulfillment of this divine calling.

It shall be the purpose of Faith Mennonite High School:

  1. To teach the Word of God and its application to all of life.
  2. To nurture respect for and obedience to parents and appreciation for the Christian home.
  3. To foster appreciation for and loyalty to the supporting congregations, reverence for their ideals and practices, and respect for their leaders.
  4. To develop proficiency in academic disciplines and vocational skills.
  5. To promote the development of a strong Christian character, and to inspire a growing commitment to Christian discipleship.
  6. To develop and demonstrate Christian love and acceptance of all people of all races, and keep compassion for the less fortunate.