Expansion Project

We are excited to announce a building project for FMH that will greatly benefit our school.

At the start of our fundraising campaign we have 6% of our goal.

Our plans are to build on to the current school building. We plan to build a kitchen adjacent to the gymnasium as well as expand the gym. This will bring about some very profitable changes such as additional classroom space.

Currently some classes are being held in the library, conference room, and even the kitchen. While we are thankful we have a place to hold these classes, this arrangement presents some challenges such as when hot lunch is being prepared — this disrupts classes that are held in the kitchen.

With this expansion project, we will also be able to provide more seating in our gym for larger events such as concerts, fund-raisers, and banquets.

Having the kitchen and the gym beside each other will be a great benefit every time food needs to be served in the gymnasium. No longer will it need to be transported from the other side of the school building. This will also be good for those occasions when we rent the gym since they will no longer need access to ‘the other end’ of the

The students have been challenged to raise $100,000.00 towards this project by December 1, 2016. We invite you to join us in this exciting project and help us be able to expand our classroom space, make the kitchen easily accessible for banquets, and enlarge our gymnasium to host large school events.


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