2022-23 Annual Fund Drive Letter

Greetings in Jesus’ name,

Just like a tiny mustard seed grows into a mighty tree, Faith Mennonite High School continues to sow its mission for students to learn excellence in academic, Biblical, and vocational disciplines. It is exciting to see our current student numbers continue to grow. Families, churches, missions, businesses, and more have been impacted by the students who have grown into mighty trees for God’s Kingdom.

Along with your prayers, we welcome you to sow a financial seed into Faith Mennonite High School’s future.

FMH Annual Fund Drive Opportunities

Opportunity Total Amount Needed Already Raised Remaining Need
Replace HVAC Units $ 90,000 $    7,000 $ 83,000
Gym Floor $ 50,000 $ 32,335 $ 17,665
Replace Hallway Ceiling $ 15,000 $ 13,500 $  1,500
Art Program $ 30,000 $        50 $ 29,950
Learning Support $ 53,000 $ 17,706 $ 35,294
Utilities Cost Increase $ 12,000 $ 10,750 $  1,250
Staff Development $ 10,000 $   7,000 $  3,000

Replace HVAC Units: Two units currently have known (slow) refrigerant leaks. One unit should have been replaced in 2012, 5 units should have been replaced in 2021, and 3 units should be replaced in 2022. The remaining 10 units are good until 2029 and beyond.

Gym Floor: In 2019 the gym was widened. There is currently 20 feet of unfinished floor that needs a floor covering. The volleyball court will then be moved away from the south wall and new lines painted.

Raise Hallway Ceiling: The ceiling in the lobby has sagging, stained, and broken ceiling tiles. Plans are being made to replace the ceiling tiles and grid as well as potentially raising the ceiling height.

Art Program: The visual arts curriculum is currently not being offered until sufficient funds are available to hire an art teacher to teach this curriculum.

Learning Support: One-on-one tutoring is simply expensive. When budgets get tight, this is usually the first area to cut. FMH desires to continue to excel in offering learning support to students. For us, it is a joy to see students go from receiving F’s and D’s to earning C’s and B’s, ultimately improving so much that they receive a high school diploma. Our vision is fulfilled in seeing these students grow and graduate instead of dropping out of school. We are looking to hire a full-time learning support teacher in the future. Currently, we are serving 6 to 8 students through part-time teachers.

Utilities Cost Increase: We all are experiencing the pains of high energy cost, and FMH is too. Our fixed electric rate electric contract expired in November and with the new higher rates, we will be over our anticipated budgeted expenses.

Staff Development: The staff at FMH desire to keep learning and developing their skills as teachers. More of the teachers would pursue continuing education if the finances were available to cover those costs.

Yours in Christ,

The FMH Advancement Committee