Tuition and Financial Aid

    1. Tuition for Faith Mennonite High School for the 2017 – 2018 school term is as follows:
      • First Child $4,900.00
      • Second Child $4,300.00
      • Each Add’l Child $3,400.00
    2. Additional fees may be required through the year for field trips, clubs, and some elective classes.
    3. Tuition is billed monthly and shall be paid by the 15th of each month beginning in July and ending in April.
    4. Patrons paying tuition in full before September 1st will receive a 2% discount.
      1. Patrons are expected to stay current with tuition payments. If tuition becomes delinquent FMHS reserves the right to:
      • withhold diplomas until tuition is paid in full.
      • refuse readmission to any student.
    5. At FMHS we are committed to ending each fiscal year with a balanced budget. Part of the projected budget may be based on donations which we cannot control. If a deficit occurs at the end of the school year, there may be an additional assessment in June.
    6. To assist families struggling with school costs, tuition assistance is make available to qualifying families
      1. FMHS participates in Pennsylvania’s Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program (EITC) via Faith Builders Scholarship Services. This program allows certain businesses to channel their tax money to participating organizations of their choice. Patrons living in low achieving school districts may qualify for additional (OSTC) funds. For more information, please visit the Faith Builders website or contact the school office. Interested patrons need to apply before November 1 of each year.
      2. Families who have been awarded EITC funds but are still struggling with school costs may qualify for Student Aid assistance. Patrons interested in a Student Aid application or additional information shall contact the school office.

Please visit Faith Builders Scholarship page to find much more helpful information on this great program. You will also find family applications, and many other helpful forms on their site.

Download the Faith Builders Family Application form.

The deadline for FMH's EITC scholarship with Faith Builders is November 1.