Each day starts with chapel. The chapels are presented by pastors, teachers, parents, and fellow students. There are weekly song service chapels and monthly class chapels. The juniors and seniors get an opportunity to present a chapel either to the whole school in a guy/girl split chapel.


Class sizes depend upon required classes or electives. Students can use laptops in the classroom and have access to filtered internet.

Science Classes

The science classes at FMH give students real-life hands on experience learning the concepts of science. From physics labs involving forces to seeing the cellular structures of aquatic plants to dissection of pig hearts and steer eyes, students experience God's creation.

Senior Trip

One of the anticipated events as a student is the week of teaching Bible School in Grenada. For some students it is a new experience being part of a VBS. The senior trip solidifies friendships and seeds of mission work and lives of service are planted in students.

Shop Classes

Faith has a strong shop program. Students get hands on learning in woodworking, welding, basic electrical and small engine repair. With these experiences students have gone on to working in cabinet shops, trailer manufacturing and small equipment sales and repairs.