Paul Harrison


Year started: 1999-2000

Education: BA in Physics from Millersville University; MS in Educational Leadership from Bob Jones University

Hobbies: dairy goats, photography

Countries Visited: Grenada, Canada, Ghana, England, El Salvador

Reason for Teaching: I want to see students reaching their potentials, developing learning skills, and have a knowledge of God’s Word.


Kimberly Hostetler

Administrative Assistant

Year started: 2022-2023

Education: High school diploma from Plainview Christian School, 10 terms at Elnora Bible Institute, 1 summer term at Faith Builders Training Institute

Hobbies: Exploring cities, journaling, playing and watching sports, star-gazing

Countries Visited: Romania, Canada, Jamaica

Reason for Teaching: I enjoy building relationships with students and having the opportunity to speak into their lives while they are in such a pivotal stage of life.

Community Involvement: New Holland Welcome Team – helping with integration of an Afghani refugee family to the States


Troy Stauffer

Athletic Director, Math Teacher

Year started: 2017-2018

Education: High School Diploma, Undergraduate Certificate in K-12 Training and Education from Bob Jones University, 9 terms at Elnora Bible Institute, 1 at Sharon Mennonite Bible Institute, Faith Builders Training Institute Summer Term

Hobbies: Sports, Singing, Piano, Reading, Videography

Countries Visited: Grenada, Canada, Mexico, Belize, El Salvador, Colombia, Haiti, Dominican Republic

Reason for Teaching: It is my desire is to see young people become sound-minded lovers of God who are well-equipped to serve in His Kingdom. I also believe that teaching is a good way to build relationships and give back to my community.

Sergey Kravets

Music Teacher, Basic Electricity Teacher

Year started: 2021-2022

Education: Bachelors in Music Education from West Chester University. Masters in Music: Choral Conducting – WCU, Certificate in Basic Electricity – Penn Foster Career School.

Hobbies: Singing, playing violin, chess, travel

Countries Visited: Canada, Holland, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Czechia, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, Israel, South Africa, Panama, Ecuador, Peru, Turks and Caicos

Reason for Teaching: Empowering students to use and develop their potential

Community Involvement: Conductor for: Lyrica Sacra, Clarian Wind Ensemble, Aspire Chamber Choir, and Veritas Ensemble. I also teach private violin and voice.


Myma Stoltzfus

Domestic Arts Teacher

Year started: 2020-2021

Education: Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education from Millersville University

Hobbies: Cooking, Gardening, reading, traveling

Countries Visited: Over 20 countries (Columbia, Papua New Guinea, and Israel were some of my favorites)

Reason for Teaching: It has the potential to impact a student’s life for God. I want to inspire my students to love God with all their heart, soul and mind.

Community Involvement: Three years teaching school on a reserve in Canada. Currently, I teach Bible class bi-weekly in Coatesville. I teach Sunday school at my church.


Kristen Yoder

English Teacher, Teachers for Tomorrow Program Facilitator

Year started: 2021-2022

Education: B.A. in English from Thomas Edison State University

Hobbies: I enjoy reading from a variety of genres, dabbling in (sometimes exciting and adventurous) cooking, nurturing my plants, and talking with friends.

Countries Visited: Grenada, Greece, Canada, Mexico, China, Thailand, Trinidad, Puerto Rico, and Barbados.

Reason for Teaching: Words excite me because of their power. I teach English and Speech because I believe words sustain and bring goodness; they enable us to distinguish, clarify and better know the objective truth in both God’s and man’s creation. I want high schoolers to be well-equipped in articulating and understanding words in various mediums.

Jacob Zimmerman

History and Bible Teacher

Year started: 2021-2022

Education: Associates in history from AMU; Bachelors in Bible from Lancaster Bible College

Hobbies: I enjoy music, and I sing with Oasis Chorale. I enjoy reading, especially CS Lewis and Malcolm Gladwell.

Countries Visited: Canada, Guatemala, Grenada, England, Scotland, Romania, Poland, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, India, South Korea

Reason for Teaching: I enjoy learning and teaching material in a classroom setting, and I find a lot of fulfillment in working with people.

Gloria Ramos

Spanish Teacher

Year started: 2023-2024

Education: Bachelor’s degree in teaching English as a second language from The University of El Salvador

Hobbies: Reading, jigsaw puzzles, cooking

Countries Visited: El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Belize, Canada, England, Ireland, Belgium, Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Jamaica

Reason for Teaching: I enjoy the opportunity to expand a young person’s worldview and knowledge, and hope to influence them to a deeper faith in God.



Cheryl Stoltzfus

Domestic Arts Teacher

Year started: 2018-2019

Education: Canadian equivalent of a GED, 1 term at Calvary Bible School, 5 courses in the Ten-Course Counseling Certificate Program through Life Ministries

Hobbies: Spending time with people, reading, listening to true crime podcasts

Countries Visited: Grenada, Belize, born and raised in Canada, Haiti, Thailand, Paraguay

Reason for Teaching: I love teaching, any age, any subject matter. I enjoy teaching content thoroughly.

Community Involvement: Part-time teacher at a kid’s club in Coatesville.

Benjamin Mejia

Art and Woodshop Teacher

Year started: 2023-2024

Education: I attended high school in California, and finished on Kaua’i. University of Hawaii general education credits.

Hobbies: Time with family, playing guitar and mandolin

Countries Visited: Canada, Mexico

Reason for Teaching: I wanted to help young people see that art can be a fulfilling way to convey good, helpful ideas to the world. That, as believers in God, we can give the world wonderful, interesting, uplifting art. That skill in art, as a craft, takes time- but since God gave us creativity, it can be fulfilling. I also realized that I had an urge to influence people/young people for good.

Community Involvement: Street and Campus outreach, small group to CRIT (Colorado River Indian Tribes) reservation in Arizona, volunteering at Blessings of Hope, recently house parent with my wife at Upward Way Discipleship School




Austin Herschberger

Business Classes Teacher

Year started: 2017-2018

Education: BSBA in Accounting

Hobbies: Roller coasters, tech, biking

Countries Visited: Grenada, Haiti, Canada, Belize

Reason for Teaching: I have been given much so I want to invest in the next generation.

Community Involvement: Silver Spring Ministries board treasurer

Ashley Zook

Girl’s PE Teacher

Year started: 2023-2024

Education: Highschool Diploma from Faith Mennonite Highschool; One term at Elnora Bible Institute.

Hobbies: Volleyball, Art, History Podcasts

Countries Visited: Kenya, Lebanon, Jamaica, Belize, Dominican Republic

Reason for Teaching: I love sharing my passion for sports and watching students enjoy pushing themselves to be better than they ever thought.

Community Involvement: Teacher at Tuesday Church, a youth ministry in Lancaster City



Learning Support

Renita Harrison

Learning Support Coordinator

Year started: 1999-2000

Education: Highschool diploma from Faith Mennonite Highschool, One term at Sharon Mennonite Bible Insitute, Faith Builders Training Institute for two summer terms, HACC general education courses, Barton Reading & Spelling Training videos

Hobbies: Reading, jogging, Bible study, healthy lifestyle, mentoring

Countries Visited: El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Haiti, Kenya, Ghana, Canada, Grenada, England

Reason for Teaching: To build confidence in students and inspire them to be life-long learners. I love coming alongside students, giving them tools, enabling them to succeed, coaching them in executive function awareness and skills.

Community Involvement: Volunteer Client Advocate at local crisis pregnancy center (25 years)



Marcy Smucker

Learning Support Teacher

Year Started – 2022-2023

Education: High-school diploma from Faith Mennonite Highschool, Faith Builders Training Institute Summer Term, One term at Elnora Bible Institute

Hobbies: Almost anything outside especially if it involves hiking or watching sunsets. I also love time with family and friends, traveling, and reading.

Countries Visited: Kenya, France, Italy, Austria, Germany, Denmark, Guatemala, Canada, Grenada

Reason for Teaching: Education excites me. It’s exciting to be able to use our minds to apply to various classes so we can better understand God’s design of us and the world around us. School is full of potential for learning, and full of students – and I love the atmosphere that creates.

Community Involvement: Teacher at Tuesday Church, a youth ministry in Lancaster City. Tutor at Neighbors Cafe and Community Center for Core tutoring.  Volunteer at Lancaster County Youth Intervention Center.