Call or email the school office for an application packet. or 717-442-8818
  1. Discuss and pray together with your family about whether God is leading you to apply at FMH.
  2. Fill out the front side of the Application for Admission. Have your parents fill out the back. Next, have your parents sign the Tuition Policy agreement. Finally, have your parents sign the Medical Release Statement. Mail the first three forms promptly to the school, along with your application fee, to begin your application file.
                  • Application Fees
                    $0 – by March 15
                    $25 – by April 15
                    $50 – by May 15
                    $75 – after May 15
  3. Write your name on the Pastor’s Recommendation form and give it to your pastor to complete and mail to FMH. (If you are a pastor’s son or daughter, please ask another pastor, deacon, or church leader to complete the form.)
  4. Write your name on the Academic Information form and ask the administrator of your current school to complete it and return it to FMH.
  5. When we have received these five documents, we will notify you and schedule an interview with the administrator and/or a board member to discuss your desire to enroll, your educational goals and special interests, and your elective preferences for the coming year. Both of your parents should plan on attending with you. You will be notified of your acceptance to Faith Mennonite High School shortly after the interview.
  6. Next, ask the records office of the school you currently attend to send your medical records to FMH: your 6th grade physical exam and your 7th grade P.A. state-required immunizations.
    1. If you are homeschooled, have your parent obtain a copy of your medical record from your family doctor and send it to FMH. (If you have not had prior physical examination or have not received proper immunizations, these will need to be obtained before you enroll. Ask the office for a green Report of Physical Examination form.)
  7. Each full-time freshmen student will take a placement test in Math and Music Theory to determine class groupings for the freshmen year. Typically, this happens about the middle of August.

Faith Mennonite High School does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, national or ethnic origin in any of its admissions policies or any of the other policies or programs administered by the school.