Faith Mennonite High School is looking for high-quality staff who want to be part of a high-level team of educators. If you would like to be a part of that team, please consider contacting us or submitting a resume or application. I would be excited to talk with you about the possibilities of what you have to share with our community. Our staff enjoy working together and would welcome you to the staff.

An application is available below. The school does not discriminate based on race, gender, nationality, or ethnicity.


  • Subject Teacher – subjects include history, Bible, math, science, language arts
  • Industrial Arts Teacher – includes welding, CAD, small engines, or woodshop.
  • Electives Teacher – subjects include yearbook advisor, photography, business, and computer programming.

Questions and resumes can be sent to the school administrator, Mr Paul (Harrison) MrPaul@FaithHighSchool.org or by calling 717-442-8818

Link to FMH Instructional Faculty job description.

Link to the FMH Application

The FMH community does a good job of encouraging positive relationships and interactions amongst the board, staff, parents, students, and even the alumni! I enjoy teaching at FMH because of the focus on academic excellence and lifelong learning for students AND teachers.

There is a freedom here we are encouraged to take to name God as our origin, and the reason and origin of our desire and ability to learn and be creativity.

Teachers affect eternity. No one can tell where their influence stops.